Thomas Årnfelt

Thomas Årnfelt, i.e. me,  is a Swedish writer of Historical, Fantasy and Childrens’ fiction. My debut novel “Incidenten i Böhmen” (The Bohemian Incident) was published by Undrentide förlag in 2015. The follow up, “Sällskapet i Genua” is due for publication in 2017.

I have a University degree in Swedish, Literature, History, and Teaching, although I have since worked in a number of different fields – many connected to writing. Also an avid gamer – having worked both with Computer Games and Table Top war-games.

I currently live in Linköping, Sweden, and have also lived in Dublin, Ireland, and in Stockholm, Sweden.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Årnfelt

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Is there is there anywhere I can get a PDF playsheet for Ga Pa, since my laptop crashed I have been trying to find one on line and drawn a blank.
    Thanks and regards.


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