I added a section on coaching and other writing services I do (courses / lectures). For now, there’s only a page in Swedish, but if there’s interest I’ll put an english page together as well.

At the Dublin WorldCon

Today is the official start of Dublin2019, this year’s WorldCon.

I’m thrilled to be back in Dublin, which I still think of as my second home – and also looking forward so much to meeting all the people and going to panel discussions and lectures.

I’m moderating two panels, one on Friday and one on Saturday. The Friday one is about Rob Anderson and telling a story through fencing, and the Saturday panel is about fantastic beasts in children’s literature.

Göteborg Book Fair 2017

I’ll be at “Bokmässan” from Friday to Sunday. Please say hi if you spot me somewhere.

My official schedule is as follows:

Undrentide’s stand (A03:52)
Official Book Launch (Sällskapet i Genua) and signing 

Undrentide’s stand (A03:52)