At the Dublin WorldCon

Today is the official start of Dublin2019, this year’s WorldCon.

I’m thrilled to be back in Dublin, which I still think of as my second home – and also looking forward so much to meeting all the people and going to panel discussions and lectures.

I’m moderating two panels, one on Friday and one on Saturday. The Friday one is about Rob Anderson and telling a story through fencing, and the Saturday panel is about fantastic beasts in children’s literature.

Czech translation of The Bohemian Incident

I am so happy that the Czech version of my debut novel, The Bohemian Incident, just got published. For me it means a lot to have it published there as that’s where the story is played out – with the events leading up to the Defenestration in Prague as the political backdrop.

A beautiful cover as well.

The Czech version is published by Mystery Press

Göteborg Book Fair 2017

I’ll be at “Bokmässan” from Friday to Sunday. Please say hi if you spot me somewhere.

My official schedule is as follows:

Undrentide’s stand (A03:52)
Official Book Launch (Sällskapet i Genua) and signing 

Undrentide’s stand (A03:52)

Post WorldCon thoughts

It has been a few days now since I returned home from Worldcon in Helsinki. Worldcon 75 to be precise. But for me it was Worldcon 1. I’ve been to national cons in Sweden, to Archipelacon in Åland, and to two Fantasycons in the UK, but this was my first worldcon.

It’s a massive experience. I arrive Thursday afternoon as I had other commitments before the con which meant I missed the first one and a half days, but I still got so much out from the con during the three and a half days I was there.

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