A Czech review

A while back I was pleasantly surprised to receive my first non-Swedish language review. My Debut novel  Incidenten i Böhmen was reviewed on a Czech literary site: iLitteratura– I am of course extra pleased by this considering the title, and main location of the story.

It is almost as cool as seeing my book in a non-Swedish bookshop, which I did in Mariehamn when I was at Archipelacon.


Back from Archipelacon

Or rather, I have been back for a few days, but I have been too busy and too exhausted to really follow up on the web site.

All in all it was four wonderful days. Packed with interesting and inspiring meetings and panels. Too many to list them here in fact. Suffice to say, it was well worth the trip. I really enjoyed being in the two panels, and hopefully that wasn’t the last time that happens. (Looks like there will be more opportunities come ConFuse).

Back home again I have picked up work on my current book. Work is slowly moving forward, and I am in to the final third of the first draft at the moment, so hopefully that should be finished before end of summer. While busy at/preparing for Archipelacon I have also received my first two reviews. Thankfully they were both very positive. I have updated the book page with links to both of them.

The Alandica conference centre, flanked by Game of Thrones flags

The Alandica conference centre, flanked by Game of Thrones flags