Fantastika 2016


I’m really looking forward to this year’s SweCon. It’s been a while since my last Con now so it’ll really be fun.

My schedule (apart from running around listening to interesting stuff, having a drink with friends new or old) is as follows:

Skrivarcirklar och författarkurser
Friday 17/6 20-21
Simon Lundin (mod), Boel Bermann, Thomas Årnfelt, Karin Tidbeck, KJ Larsson

Rollspel och fantastik
Saturday 18/6: 10-11
Ante Gustafsson (moderator), Anders Blixt, Anders Björkelid, Thomas Årnfelt, Karin Tidbeck

See you at the con!

A Czech review

A while back I was pleasantly surprised to receive my first non-Swedish language review. My Debut novel  Incidenten i Böhmen was reviewed on a Czech literary site: iLitteratura– I am of course extra pleased by this considering the title, and main location of the story.

It is almost as cool as seeing my book in a non-Swedish bookshop, which I did in Mariehamn when I was at Archipelacon.

Göteborg book fair in retrospect 

On the bus back home. Totally exhausted. 

Had a good time though. Best thing was the Debutanbloggen meet up – the five of us together for the first time ever. It was brilliant, just as fun as I had hoped it would be.

Also had two signing sessions that were great fun. One at my publisher and one at the Science Fiction book store. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and talked. 

Loads of interesting encounters, some new faces and some familiar ones. And I got some new ideas as well. We’ll see what comes out of them… 

Also had some time to work – my next project is getting closer to being finished. More on that later. 

Now back to sleep on the buss. 

Göteborg Book Fair

I’ll be in Göteborg, at the Book Fair, all weekend. So if you see me, stop me and say hi. Challenge me to a coffee duel or whatever…

I have some fixed times as well:

I’ll be signing at my publisher’s stand on Saturday 16-17. (Undrentide förlag: A03:49)

I’ll be signing again at SF-bokhandeln on Sunday 15-15.45 (A02:42)

See you there,

Two events coming up

Saturday next week (September 19th) I will be at the city library in Linköping. There I will be sharing a table at the “Östergötlands bokmässa” book fair together with my colleagues at Undrentide; Anna Blixt and Helena Andersson. There’s no entrance fee so please drop by and say hi if you have the chance.

In the following weekend I’ll be off to the Göteborg book fair for four days.

I’m really excited. So looking forward to meeting familiar and new faces. Speaking to old friends and new. I’ll probably be all over the place and will most likely totally fail to spot anyone… So if you are at either and spot me, please step up and say hi.

See you

My programme at ConFuse

At this year’s Swecon, Confuse in Linköping August 7-9th, I will be in a number of programme items. Especially Saturday feels like a busy day… 🙂

My schedule is as follows:


Nya svenska författare samtalar

11.00, Klostersalen, panel

Eva Holmquist (mod), Lisa Rodebrand, Anna Jakobsson Lund, Mattias Engström, Björn Cederlind, Thomas Årnfelt

Det har kommit många nya svenska författare på senare tid, som gillar att skriva fantastik. Kom och möt några av dem. Vilka är de och varför skriver de? Och varför just fantastik? Hur reagerar andra på att man skriver? Vilka kontakter har man med andra som skriver, t ex genom skrivarcirklar? Hur göra PR för sig? Gör det någon skillnad att komma in i fandom som författare respektive att först vara fan?

Telling stories in different media
13.00, Klostersalen, panel

Ben Aaronovitch, Jessica Elgenstierna (mod), Alexander Hallberg, Thomas Årnfelt, Tobias Bodlund

A discussion about the differences and similarities of storytelling and of telling stories in books, games, comics and TV.

What’s in a name? How to name your characters.
14.00, Klostersalen, panel

Suzanne van Rooyen (mod), Kristina Hård, Thomas Årnfelt, Marcus Olausson

How do you invent names for your invented characters? Names that should fit with your, sometimes invented, places and cultures or with a certain time period. What mistakes can be made?

Synen på livet, döden och fatalism i det tidigmoderna Sverige
16.00, Tellus, föredrag

Thomas Årnfelt

Att försöka sätta sig in i en annan tids tankevärld. En diskussion om hur man i sitt skrivande kan närma sig andra tankevärldar. Med utgångspunkt i 1600- och 1700-talets Sverige.  Kan man förstå en annan tid? Hur gör man för att i alla fall få en inblick i hur andra människor fungerar?

Introduktion till spel och spelutveckling
15.00, Jupiter, panel

Alexander Hallberg, Tobias Bodlund, Thomas Årnfelt

Ett samtal med spelnördar om vad som gör spel till spel och hur man tillverkar dem. Ta chansen att få reda på allt du någonsin velat veta om spel och spelande. Hur går det till att konstruera nya spel? Vad är skillnaden mellan att göra dataspel, rollspel och brädspel? För- och nackdelar med olika rollspel, som LARP, MMOPRG, pen-and-paper RPG? Varifrån hämtar man idéer – andra spel, skrivna berättelser, serier, filmer?

See you at ConFuse!