Three days in Scarborough

This was my second Fantasycon, first being last year in Nottingham when Steven Savile put it into my head that I should go. I had a blast then, but as it was my first it was a bit hard to take it all in.

So this year was bound to be a bit different. I made a few friends last year and hoped to meet some of them again this year. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not all were there of course, but those that were remembered me and we had some really good chats this year too.

And I met even more people this year.

Additionally I went to some really interesting panels and agent/editor sessions. (Which is officially what these things are about of course). They confirmed some thoughts I have, and gave me some new insights at the same time, so time well spent indeed.

Already looking forward to next year, but first there’s SweCon in Uppsala and WorldCon in Helsinki, and a few other events, to do before that.

Now sitting at Manchester airport waiting for my flight to Copenhagen, and then on to home from there. It will be midnight before I’m home but it was so worth it.

To everyone I met, a very warm thank you and hope to meet you soon again!


2 thoughts on “Three days in Scarborough

    • I did get home ok, thank you. Trains and flight on schedule for once, even landed in Copenhagen a few minutes earlier than we were supposed to, which made the run through Kastrup less hectic. 🙂
      It was very good meeting you too. Had a very good time overall.


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